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Prepare Your Mower For Winter Storage

Even though mowing season is slowly coming to end, there is still work to do. To extend

the service life of your mowing equipment, it's important to get it ready for a long winters nap. Your lawnmower that has worked faithfully for you all mowing season, and could now use a hand to get ready for hibernation.

The acid in the grass will attack whatever it touches all winter long, which makes it important to clean it inside in order to have it ready for next year. Aebi New England, LLC is ready to help you with products that will make your mower sleep like a bear in a den all winter and come out in the spring hungry again for more grass to mow. Our supply of long term storage fuel in cans, filters and oils for a clean engine in its storage time, grease for keeping moisture out of the bearings and lubricating the contact areas of the equipment, the ability to sharpen the blades as well as clean the underside of the mowing deck, all help to extend the life of your mower for years to come.

2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Storage Fuel

Aebi New England, LLC can perform the service for you or supply you with the products for the successful storage of your equipment. We have the premixed 2 stroke storage fuel for your weed whackers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and other 2 stroke engines as well as the 4 stroke fuel for your larger engines. The fuel in a can is designed to keep your carburetor and components ready to run for next spring.

Oil and Filter Service For Mowers

Do not forget the all-important drive system that has reached its service time and will need an oil and filter service. We have most filters in stock and have the correct oil for your drive system. This is a service that many people overlook. It's usually years before it needs to be done and then keeps on getting overlooked, however, it needs to be clean and ready to run for the next season.

Parts For Your Mower

Despite supply chain issues, we have been able to obtain parts for power equipment this season. We do suggest, however, that you have us check you mower for issues and get the parts installed now as the supply chain issues may continue for a while longer. Servicing your mower now before it's an urgent issue may save you a long wait for parts in the spring. Ordering the parts today and installing them in the spring is also an option.

Call us at 603-835-2600 for all your service and parts questions for your mower or other lawn equipment. We're happy to help you prepare your mower for winter storage!

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