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Slope Mowing Tips for Fall

With the record amount of rain we had this Summer here in New England, chances are you were probably mowing more frequently putting extra wear and tear on your equipment (and operators). However, the Fall is upon us and that means change. Not only is the temperature cooling and the leaves turning their beautiful orange, red and gold, but the grass and brush is starting to change, as well. With that, your mowing routine needs to adjust. Here are few points to keep in mind as you continue mowing this season and getting ready for Winter.

You may think that as grass growth slows down in fall that you don’t need to maintain your lawn or property. That’s actually not the case. It’s important to ensure the health of your grass in fall so that it survives the cold winter months and grows back strong in spring.

How low should grass be cut in the fall?

Cool-season grasses continue to grow in the fall up until soil temperatures go below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue to cut if the grass is growing but keep it a bit longer than in the summer months. Ideally, grass height for winter should be kept between 2 to 2.5 inches. Typically, grass cutting will come to a halt in mid to late October depending on your location.

Keep up with regular maintenance

Just because you may be slope mowing less frequently, don’t forget to keep your equipment in tip top shape. Make sure to check gas and oil levels as well as the torques and flanges of the blades for wear and tear. You made it through the mowing season this long, don’t neglect your machine now.

Repair sooner than later

If you do notice a problem with your mower, the time to get it serviced is now. Whether it’s a part that needs replacing or an engine issue, don’t wait to have it looked at. By the time spring rolls around you want your machine ready to go. Parts can take time to ship and if the equipment is malfunctioning the fix may take longer than expected. You don’t want to get caught without a fully operational mower.

For more information on slope mowing equipment, service and parts, call us at 603-835-2600 or email us here.

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