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How To Mow Steep Hills

There are very many things to consider when mowing step hills. The first and most important factor is safety. Using the correct equipment that is properly maintained is required to do the high-risk slope mowing. We are always asked if we can do the work with one of our products and the answer is almost always, "Yes." The things to consider are the angle and condition of the slope, and is the equipment you are using adequate. The operators' ability, weather, soil conditions, and moisture in the soil are also factors to consider.

Slope Mowing Considerations

While the angle is always important, water is a good lubricant for tires under heavy side loads and should be factored into the ability to work on a slope. If the tires are worn or do not have the proper air pressure for the soil conditions that will affect the operation of the unit. At the same time, if the ability of the operator is not up to the requirement, this can contribute to the equipment not getting the work done.

We are fortunate to offer the very best slope tractor that has the ability and requirements to do the job of mowing steep hills. We also have the Spider remote control slope mowers for the smaller projects that look impossible to mow. The new 2SGS-EFI mower is rated for 62 degree slopes and does the work of many people with weed whacker. What's more, it is a safer solution.

Mowing steep hills doesn't have to be a daunting task if you have the right equipment and operator experience. Contact us to learn more about the slope mowers we offer.

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