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Terratracs TT281







The Terratrac Aebi TT281 is powered by an environmentally friendly, Tier IV turbo diesel engine. This turbo diesel is not only extremely clean but also provides additional performance. Furthermore, the ECO drive mode and the reduction of the engine speed reduce the diesel consumption. With this innovation, Aebi has taken a significant step towards active climate protection and the efficient handling of valuable resources. The new Terratrac Aebi TT281 is the absolute top-drawer in the top-range sector. The VM turbo diesel engine generates 109 HP and exhibits and enormous torque of 310 foot pounds, which is already available at an engine speed of only 1100 rpm. The torque increase amounts to incredible 43%. The diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and the diesel particle filter (DPF) purify exhaust gases and eliminate the particles contained in them to the greatest possible extent. The diesel particle filter is self-cleaning and maintenance-free.

During road operation in ECO drive mode, the engine has a rotational speed of only 1800 rpm at a driving speed of 24.85 MPH. As a result of this, the fuel consumption is reduced and the engine runs extremely smoothly. The driver is able to enjoy music in the driver’s cab at normal volume. The hydrostatic wheel drive is electronically controlled and has a secondary 2-speed transmission. Four driving programmes can be selected: road operation ECO drive / mowing / snow cutting / proportional. The ADC (Automatic Drive Control) automatically adapts the driving speed to the required performance.

The speed is reduced when mowing large amounts of crop and immediately increased again when mowing little amounts of crop, without the driver having to intervene.  In the United States we call this load sensing.  The most important functions of the TT281 are actuated via the new multifunctional control lever with compass rose switches. The key functions of the multifunctional control lever can be configured individually and customer-specifically. By means of the TipTronic, the lever can be split up into six steps and the various speed ranges activated by the touch of a button.

The maximum reduction of the engine speed can be adjusted in order to work within the optimum range with maximum efficiency and thus save fuel. The Terratrac Aebi TT281 impresses with all its excellent features especially on extremely steep slopes, sensitive green spaces or terrains with limited bearing capacity where high performance is required, is highly versatile and can be used throughout the year.

The electronically controlled driving programmes additionally reduce the fuel consumption. Its most notable feature is, however, its clean exhaust emission characteristics, whereby it is now possible to actively protect the environment in this vehicle category as well. In the aggregate, Aebi is providing as many as three additional benefits with the new Tier IV turbo diesel engine: more cleanness, more economic efficiency and more power!

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